Creating Contagious Commitment is essential to anyone interested in the process of organizational change. The book expands on the diverse foundations of the Tipping Point computer simulation, which is based on lessons from public health, systems thinking and organizational theory.

Creating Contagious Commitment simultaneously provides a solid foundation and helps the reader think out-of-the-box – providing leaders with the tools to guide their own organisations to contagious, sustainable change. Charts and graphs reinforce the theory, and real-world applications ground it.

ISBN: 978-0-9741028-1-8
Released: 2010 • eBook & Print
216 pages

"It is very easy to have good intentions, and even easier to get advice from someone who has good intentions. What is hard is to recognize the landmines on the path to successful change. Creating Contagious Commitment helps identify and think about such obstacles before we encounter them, making the path to change more thoughtful and ultimately more successful."

Dan Ariely, Ph.D., James B. Duke Professor of Behavioral Economics, author Predictably Irrational

"It is only by effectively influencing people's beliefs, values and changing social norms that we can change behaviors that get us all to "yes." Andrea understands this and clearly maps out how new cultural norms can be systematically embedded into any organisation. This book is a must have in any change agent's toolbox."

Peter Faill, M.Sc., Corporate Procurement Manager, Durham County Council, UK

"The Tipping Point is a brilliant computer model of change initiatives as they unfold in large, complex organizations. Change agents need to be informal, keenly aware of the different needs of different types of people, and committed to their purpose. This book shows what to do and what happens along the way, both in the model and in real life."

Art Kleiner, author, Who Really Matters and The Age of Heretics

Contagious Commitment at Work

Deploying a change is a serious matter, but learning about it doesn’t have to be. Contagious Commitment at Work: Applying the Tipping Point to Organisational Change takes a lighthearted approach. It uses first-person accounts to illustrate proven methods to engage employees in change, taking advantage of humour and cartoons to emphasise key points. An organizational change initiative may include new technology, processes, or structures, but organizations can only change when people in them change. When employees think differently about their work and approach their jobs aligned with the change, they influence their coworkers and move the initiative forward. Contagious Commitment at Work provides leaders with a road map for involving employees in any new initiative, thus ensuring success.

ISBN: 978-0-9741028-3-2
Released: 2016  •  eBook & Print
106 pages

"With Andrea Shapiro's Tipping Point model, I have a suite of materials to effectively guide change. Contagious Commitment at Work, with its wealth of stories, speaks directly to the leaders who ask for detailed examples from those who have gone before them. I've used Andrea's work to cut months out of change deployments and dramatically improved my change adoption rates"

April K. Mills, Change Coach, Intel Corporation

"The ideas in Contagious Commitment at Work have been game changing in our approach in making change happen and delivering great results with our clients. This book is an engaging, no-nonsense, and straightforward read that highlights an effective and pragmatic approach to implementing sustainable change in organisations. It is full of examples, and it works!"

Rob Kelly, Director, VA Consultants Global

"Contagious Commitment at Work provides a thoughtful and practical approach to managing organizational change. Andrea Shapiro explains how to use the levers of change to achieve the tipping point for change in our organizations. Easy to read and apply, her examples drive home key points on change management, identifying the pitfalls and the must-dos for a successful change."

Pam Weppler, Process Improvement Program Leader, Rho