Creating Contagious Commitment is essential reading for anyone interested in the process of organizational change.

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Deploying a change is a serious matter, but learning about it doesn’t have to be. Contagious Commitment at Work takes a lighthearted approach.

An epublication on creating contagious commitment

Creating Contagious Commitment in the Workplace is a FREE ePublication describing how to use the Seven Levers of Change to engage colleagues and create sustainable change in your organisation.

This ePublication will introduce you to comprehensive, integrated strategiesprinciples and tactics that you can apply to any change initiative. These are the same principles used in the Tipping Point Workshop.

Creating Contagious Commitment in the Workplace includes first-hand accounts of using the levers to drive successful change in several organizations and industries.

Meet the author and developer.

Dr. Andrea Shapiro is the principal of Strategy Perspective. Her goal is to help leaders understand the people side of organizational change and optimize their effectiveness through innovative learning methods.

She developed the acclaimed interactive computer simulation, the Tipping Point, to bring effective change management concepts to life. The Tipping Point change management simulation forms the backbone of the Tipping Point workshop, which leverages gamification principles to help leaders understand how to engage employees and gain their commitment to an organizational change. She has taught and accredited change leaders, consultants, and trainers in major corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies worldwide to leverage the workshop.

Andrea’s two books Creating Contagious Commitment and Contagious Commitment at Work elaborate the ideas presented in the Tipping Point simulation and workshop.


I have worked closely with Andrea for many years and have learned so much. I regularly recommend her books, help change leaders to gain valuable insights through her Tipping Point Workshop, and train and certify others as workshop facilitators. Andrea’s work has been such an inspiration, I am proud to continue spreading its positive impact.

Dr. David Yarrow, Director, Time For Change, UK

Change theory is great but how does one actually apply it in an effective manner? Andrea Shapiro does a fantastic job of explaining how in her book, Creating Contagious Commitment and through her experiential workshop.

Al Toews,